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Namibia is unique among the countries of Africa for its stark beauty and endless sandy landscapes; whether red desert dunes or pristine stretches of white coast. Perhaps known best for its towering rocky outcrops, moonscapes and abundant wildlife, easily spotted across its massive salt pans and plains Namibia is also the cultural home of the Khoi San and Himba people, fascinating people groups who still live traditionally in isolated pockets across the country.

Namibia’s far-reaching history also encompasses European cultures, particularly in the major cities of Windhoek and Swakopmund. It is thus home to some of the most amazing and picturesque lodges to be found; a contrast to the great expanses of seeming nothingness. The rush of adrenaline activities and adventure, the excitement of exploration along a shipwreck-laden coast, vast canyons, and extensive plains bursting at the seams with wildlife and an atmosphere that cannot be captured in words, Namibia is a country not to be missed.

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