Fish River Canyon

Fish River Canyon - Namibia

Fish River Canyon, located in southern Namibia, is the largest canyon in Africa and the 8th largest canyon in the world, at almost 550 metres deep, 160 km long and up to 27 km in width.

The Fish River is Namibia’s longest interior river, cutting through a rocky, dry plateau sparsely populated by drought-resistant plants. Much of the riverbed is dry until the summer flood; for the rest of the year the river is series of narrow pools.

A short walk can be taken along the Fish River Canyon rim near Hobas to viewing points along the canyon edge. While day hikes into the canyon are no longer permitted, a 5-day hike over a distance of 88km can be taken by the fit and adventurous. The route rewards hikers with spectacular scenery and wildlife which includes mountain zebra, kudu and klipspringer antelope, rock rabbits, leopard, and more than 60 species of birds, including the rare black eagle, Karoo bustard, herons and kingfisher.

Tours Visiting Fish River Canyon