Sesriem Canyon

Dune 45 - Namibia

Located some 4.5km from the entrance to the Namib-Naukluft National Park, Namibia’s largest protected area, Sesriem Canyon was shaped in part by the Tsauchab River, and is one of few places that hold water all year round; sustaining many animals in the harsh drier months.

So named for the six (“ses”) leather straps (“reim”) it took the Afrikaans pioneers to reach a bucket down to draw water from the bottom, Sesreim Canyon is shallow enough at 30m deep to offer an easy walk. Stunning rock formations flank its 1 km length, and its multiple rock layers and unique tree species, such as the laurel fig, offer excellent photographic opportunities, especially as the shadows change throughout the day. Crystal clear pools and soft foreground lighting are wonderful additions to the spectacular scenery.

Tours Visiting Sesriem Canyon