Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary

Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary - Swaziland

A smaller wildlife conservancy, at 4560 hectares, Mlilwane is well worth a visit for the fact that it can be fully traversed on foot, being mostly free of dangerous game.

To the south is the Nyonyane Mountain with its impressive granite peak. A highlight is the Nyakato viewpoint, which offers unobstructed views of Mantenga Waterfall and the Usushwana Valley below. To the north is Luphohlo Peak; this area is mostly reachable only by means of guided tour. The reserve is flanked by the enormous Usuthu Forest and mountain ranges all around.

Once a highly profitable commercial farm, Mlilwane was set aside as a wildlife reserve in 1961. Being rich in grassy plains, the reserve has a healthy population of antelope and zebra, and an incredible array of birds.

Tours Visiting Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary