About Avo Orange

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Why Avo Orange?

Avo (Adventure Vehicle Operations) Orange started in 2009 with a single truck carrying clients to the Orange River for rafting.

Over the years we've kept our emphasis on flexibility and fun, with well-maintained, border-ready vehicles stocked with clean and functional camping equipment.

Rental options include:

  • Vehicle and driver - fuels, tolls, taxes and insurances included
  • Addition of guide or cook and meals
  • Full service package including accommodation, activities, park entries and meals

Respecting the people and environments we visit is a prioirity. Please read our sustainability policy for further information.

Ted & Erica


Having started out as clients on safari - Ted joining a tour when overlanding Africa was just beginning, and Erica a few years later - we know how it feels to be a client and what matters when travelling . Safety, reliability and an unforgettable experience that makes the most of our clients' budget are among our top priorities.

Every so often you'll catch us on the road checking up on quality standards, catching up with clients and taking the time to explore Africa, the most incredible continent there is!


Growing up in Harare, Jairos trained as an engineer, but had a heart for the open expanses of Africa. He soon joined a lodge where he worked as a field guide for two years. When the lodge closed down in 1999 it made sense to Jairos to join up with one of the overland companies he read about in magazines. This he did first as a guide, and later as a driver.

While Harare remains his favourite place, the rich culture and values of Namibia and Tanzania rank second for his affections.

His top moment on tour is having the privilege to witness nine lions bringing down a giraffe - a feat which took almost an hour.

As father to a teenage daughter, a well-seasoned traveller and experienced guide, the best advice he can offer to any overland traveller is to always take the advice of your guide; and to ask many questions. There is no such thing, he says, as silly questions while on an overland trip!



Six-generation South African Barry started in overlanding in 1997.

“To be out in nature and to be able to share experiences with people of similar interest is a privilege and a joy to me,” Barry says.

Barry  met his wife Mariette while on an overland trip. Mariette was doing a private tour with friends and the two clicked immediately. Mariette’s hospitality on safari and her cooking skills - she herself being a vegetarian - are legendary.

Affectionately referred to as “Bariette”, this dream team runs our scheduled tours to Mozambique, and many of our private safaris.

Barry & Mariette


Sam, who comes from Harare, started on safari in 1992 with a local company, initially as a day-tour guide, and later leading camping safaris with a pioneering overland company in Zimbabwe.

Having since traveled extensively through Mozambique, while it was still wild and unchartered, to Malawi, Zambia, Tanzania, Kenya, Sam is an overlanding expert in most southern African countries.

Sam’s greatest joy, other than sights and cultures, is meeting new people from very different walks of life to his. A father to four children, Robert, Ronald, Rodney and Ropafadzo, Sam does miss his family while on the road, but he views his job as an absolute privilege.

Much like Jairos, the advice Sam offers is TTG: always Trust the Guide! They have been around for quite some time, he says, and can always find the best solution to any challenge.