About Us

It takes a traveller to know one…
Some years ago (we won’t say quite how many ;)) we sat right where you are at this moment; scouring information in search of the perfect safari – in our case (and maybe yours?) on a shoestring budget. Needless to say, we found what we were looking for and so began a lifelong love of travelling.
As overland guides, tour operators and elephant avoiders – seriously; they can bail you up for hours – we’ve loved and shared the love of this crazy, beautiful continent with thousands of travellers just like you. Somewhere on these pages there is a tour with your name on it, and we are here to help you find it!
All of our tours are packed with value and quality, and each one is here for a reason. Either it’s a polished gem we’ve developed ourselves, run by our own crew and using our own fleet; or we have personally done it, led it and loved it, or had it highly recommended by our trusted suppliers.
Starting points include Cape Town the gorgeous, the place that we are based; Johannesburg, colourful and vibrant; Windhoek and Victoria Falls.
Scour away, and who knows where it will lead; whether a radical change of direction, or just a greater experience than you could ever have imagined!

Ted and Erica Liebenberg

Erica Avo

You can also find us at www.safaribookings.com 🙂