Hwange National Park

Hwange National Park - Zimbabwe

One of the most underrated national parks in Southern Africa, Hwange National Park is a haven for large herds of elephant, buffalo, zebra and a very large population of giraffe. Predators abound, and this with a wealth of birdlife, notable endangered species and a wilderness that is largely untouched, makes this park well worth a visit.

Encompassing are area of 14 600 square km, Hwange National Park is home to what is thought to be the largest remaining group of African wild dog, an elusive and severely endangered species. Some 105 species of mammals - including 19 large herbivores, elephants making up the bulk of the biomass - and 8 large carnivores, inhabit an environment that varies from sandy desert to woodland, grasslands and rocky outcrops.

To travel through Hwange is to take a trip back to a time when the interior of Africa was largely untouched. This is a place that you cannot visit only once.

Tours Visiting Hwange National Park