Zambia is home to an incredible diversity of landscapes and wildlife. The town of Livingstone offering a somewhat calmer and more peaceful base for exploring Victoria Falls, located to the southwest.

Further north is the virtually unexplored Kafue River and lesser-visited Kafue National Park. To the further northeast is South Luangwa National Park. The park is home to an incredible abundance of wildlife, and offers open plains, woodlands and impressive water courses, including the Luangwa River.

To the southeast, close to the border of Zimbabwe, is Kariba Dam. Very relaxing can be spent aboard a houseboat here, with able and friendly crew available to attend to preparing very fine meals and expertly navigating islands and channels.

The people of Zambia are warm and friendly, generally well-educated and make up more than 70 ethnically diverse groups - each with their own language. Fishing, hunting and agriculture are no longer the primary means of making a living with many Zambians moving to the cities, especially Lusaka, where crafting is a very large and growing industry.

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