Zanzibar Island

Zanzibar Island - Tanzania
Zanzibar Island - Tanzania

Zanzibar Island, famously known as the spice island for good reason, is also home to a healthy range of luscious tropical fruits, some incredible architecture, a wealth of culture and colour and some fabulous beaches with equally fabulous snorkelling and diving.

Stone Town is the first stop for most travellers, being the site where the ferry from the mainland city of Dar es Salaam arrives. A short walk leads you to the cobblestone walkways and tucked away gems of Stone Town, also home to the House of Wonders and other notable monuments.

Very much given to Arabic influences in architecture, foods and cultures, Stone Town is worth a good couple of days of exploration. The trinkets to be found in its shops are many and the food is well priced and delicious.

A short drive away is the north beach - motorbikes and jeeps can be hired for the journey and this is highly recommended. The lodges are many and varied, the people are friendly, and there is plentiful craft to be haggled for here.

Tours Visiting Zanzibar Island

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