Sibebe Rock

Hlane Royal National Park - Swaziland

Sibebe Rock, located in Swaziland’s northwest, near the capital of Mbabane, is incredibly impressive, and at 1488 m is the world’s largest granite dome. Also known as ‘bald rock’, Sibebe Rock would have been the world’s largest monolith if not for Australia’s Ayers Rock or Uluru, which is considered by some not to be a proper rock, having been formed by layers of sediment. 

The face of Sibebe Rock is extremely sheer, making it a somewhat dangerous but exhilarating climb for the fit and sure of foot. The climb rewards with a much better appreciation of its scale than can be garnered from standing below.

Many routes are marked out, and these lead past caves, waterfalls and well concealed pockets of beautiful indigenous forest. At the top are sizeable sculpted boulders and some sweeping panoramic views.

A small group of wild horses make up the non-indigenous inhabitants of the land, along with cattle wandering through with their young pastoralists - this is Swaziland after all! Its indigenous animals are mainly birds such as the jackal buzzard and the rare black eagle.

Tours Visiting Sibebe Rock

There are currently no tours available. Please check back soon.