Hlane Royal National Park

Hlane Royal National Park - Swaziland

Hlane Royal National Park was set aside as a conservancy in 1967, following the establishment of Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary. Located in the “lowveld” or lower areas of Swaziland, the park is home to big game, including elephants, rhino and lion, along with giraffe, zebra, many antelope species and an absolute wealth of birds; including the predatory vulture and marabou stork.

Although managed for its inhabitant species with a series of fences, Hlane’s woodland environment still offers an authentic and natural feel, with the added benefit of almost-guaranteed larger species sightings. The waterhole at Ndlov Camp is frequently visited by hippos, and offers a lovely relaxed view from wooden deck chairs located near the bar and pool.

Tours Visiting Hlane Royal National Park