Marakele National Park

Marakele National Park - South Africa

Marakele National Park, located in the Waterberg Mountains, is an important conservation site for a great variety of wildlife; mainly because it occurs in a transitional zone between dry and moist regions to the west and south.

Much of Africa’s most impressive wildlife can be found here: elephant, black- and white rhino, buffalo, lion, leopard, cheetah, lion and hyena. Antelope and bird species abound, including sable, eland and waterbuck, and the endangered Cape Vulture - more than 800 breeding pairs make this the largest colony in the world. Several resident eagle species include the threatened Black Eagle, African Hawk, and snake eagles, both black-breasted and brown. Smaller birds include the Purple Roller, Brubru, a variety of shrikes and the exquisite Blue Waxbill. Truly this is a birders’ paradise.

The habitat is greatly varied and incredibly scenic; majestic mountains, deep valleys, bushveld and woodland are host to yellowwood and cedar trees, massive cycads and tree ferns among many other species. Though it may be small, at only 670 square km, Marakele punches well above its weight in terms of appeal.

Tours Visiting Marakele National Park

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