Kruger National Park

Kruger Park - South Africa

Kruger National Park, in South Africa’s North East, spans 19,485 square km – spanning 360 km from north to south x 65 km east to west – and out-sizing some countries. Its density of wildlife includes the Big 5 – lion, leopard, rhino – black and white, elephant and buffalo. The elusive African Wild Dog can be found here, along with lion and cheetah – in total, 147 species of large game, which makes Kruger top of the pops among African game reserves in respect of larger wildlife species. Bird species number over 500 and reptiles 114 – among which are 3000 crocodiles who can frequently be seen sunning themselves along the river banks.

Kruger’s natural borders are formed by the Limpopo and Crocodile Rivers to the north and south, while the Lebombo mountains to the east separate the park from Mozambique. Habitat varies between mountains, bush plains and tropical forests, and this, along with the park’s sheer enormity is responsible for the amazing array of species.

Kruger National Park is a highlight of all of the tours listed below. Bring long and short lenses, and spare camera batteries, the photo opportunities are many.

Tours Visiting Kruger National Park

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