Golden Gate National Park

Golden Gate National Park - South Africa

In the northeast of South Africa, 18kms from the picturesque town of Clarens, lies the Golden Gate National Park. So named for the golden hues the sunlight casts on its towering sandstone cliffs, particularly the impressive Brandwag Rock, the park is a true highland habitat. Its highest peak, Ribbokkop, is located at 2829m above sea level.

Within its 340 square kilometres territory is a wide variety of mammals, including black wildebeest, eland, grey rhebuck, blesbok and Burchell's zebra. Its 210 resident species of birds include the fascinating secretary bird; and the rare bearded vulture and bald ibis, which breed on the ledges found on the sandstone cliffs. Its carnivores include caracal, black backed jackal, the vulnerable African wild cat and the rare aardwolf. Among the more charismatic species is the cape clawless otter, an elusive but entertaining character. 

Tours Visiting Golden Gate National Park

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