Cape Agulhas

Cape Agulhas - South Africa

The southernmost point of Africa and the point at which two oceans meet - the Indian and Atlantic, Cape Agulhas is a place of wildly beautiful seascapes and fascinating maritime history.

This history has been faithfully kept at the Cape Agulhas Lighthouse, an iconic landmark that was built at a time when shipwrecks were frighteningly common along this treacherous stretch of coastline, whose waves can reach up to 30 metres.

Although it has been out of commission for 50 years, the lighthouse was restored in 1988 and the view from the top is well worth the climb - although be warned, some of the steps are little more than ladders! Should you wish to forgo the climb, the lighthouse museum is also worth a visit.

Also mandatory is the photo opportunity at the stone plaque officially marking Africa’s southernmost tip, at the end of a wooden boardwalk on the beach.

Tours Visiting Cape Agulhas