October 6, 2017

7 Days Kilimanjaro Climb – the Marangu Route From R 14,940

Kilimanaro summit_crop1300x750
  • Climb Tanzania’s Mount Kilimanjaro, affectionately known as ‘Kili’Africa’s highest mountain at 5895m, on this 7 day tour, which takes you  via the Marangu route. Although the easiest and shortest route, at 5 days duration from the south-east side of the mountain, the Marangu route is still a serious climb. The trail approaches from the south side of Mawenzi and passes near two viewpoints at Maundi Crater, before heading up through rainforests and moorland to heathland and moonscape at higher elevation. The final push to the top takes you to famous Gillman’s Point and onto Uhuru at 5895m.

    Solar-powered sleeping huts and comfortable beds are among the enticements of this tour, these being unique to the Marangu route, allowing you to tick Mount Kilimanjaro off your bucket list in style!

    Tour price: R 14,940
    Local payment: US$ 560
    Acclimatization day (optional): R 3,050 plus US$ 100 local payment

    Countries visited: Tanzania

  • Download the full itinerary here

    Day 1: Moshi
    Day 2: Trek to Mandara Huts 2740m
    Day 3: Trek to Horombo Hut, 3700m
    Day 4: Trek to Kibo Huts, 4700m
    Day 5: Trek to Uhuru Peak, 5895m
    Day 6: Trek Marangu Gate, 1700m
    Day 7: Moshi

  • Departs daily on request.

  • Trek to Mandara Hut
    Trek to Horombo Hut
    Trek to Kibo Hut
    Trek Kilimanjaro Summit