Meals & accommodation

January 1, 2016

What’s the deal with meals?

Hearty, balanced meals are provided three times per day unless otherwise specified. These are cooked on a fire or camp stove using mostly local ingredients, on a rotating roster basis. Vegetarians are catered for with relative ease provided this is specified at the time of booking, along with any other special dietary needs.

Snacks and bottled drinks are for your own account and can be purchased in most places the group stops for food shopping.

Who does the cooking and other camp duties?

In short, you!

Sharing in chores around the camp can add to the adventure. On camping tours you will learn how to put up a two-man tent, prepare a meal for a group with fewer ingredients and kitchen resources than you may have imagined possible, and other aspects of camp life both varied and interesting.

On accommodated tours you will participate in the same way as any campers who are travelling with you. However, the duties will be lighter as you won’t need to set up your own bedding and tent.

On exclusive tours, a lower level of participation is required and you may not be asked to help prepare meals.

How will I be accommodated?

Accommodation depends on the tour type you have chosen. Whether camping or accommodated, the standard option is two persons sharing; except in East Africa where up to four guests may be required to share a room.

In Southern Africa some tours offer a single supplement option, meaning that a set number of passengers (usually four) can pay in extra for their own tent or room. In East Africa private arrangements can be made at some of the establishments, but these cannot be made in advance, nor are they guaranteed.