Insurance & documentation

January 1, 2016

Do I need travel insurance?

Yes! Travel insurance is compulsory on all of our tours and in order to book you will need to supply proof of your policy. Please ensure that air-evacuation is included, in case of a medical emergency. Please note that the free insurance provided by credit card companies is usually not sufficient. World Nomads is a popular travel insurance choice, see

Your insurance should cover as a minimum, the following:

  • Trip cancellation, interruption and delay
  • Baggage loss, theft or damage; and delay
  • Medical emergencies, and emergency transportation, including airlift where needed

Special cover for adrenaline activities that you intend to undertake is highly recommended; and you are advised to buy your travel insurance on confirmation of your booking.

Divers please note: You will be required to take out a DAN insurance policy: see

Which visas will I need?

The visas required depend on the countries you will be visiting and your nationality. Some visas can be arranged at the border, however you will need to check with the relevant embassies well before your trip is scheduled to leave. Also check your itinerary for multiple entries into a specific country, as a multiple entry visa may be needed. Allow plenty of time for visa processing as this can be a lengthy procedure.

Please also ensure that you have an onward ticket from the country in which your tour ends; or proof of sufficient funds to purchase one. You may otherwise encounter problems on your attempt to enter the country.

What are the passport requirements?

Check that your passport is valid for a full six months from the date that your trip finishes, and try to have one full page available per country that you are visiting (minimum three blank pages). Don’t travel on more than one passport as this may cause problems on exit or entry.