Lesotho is known as "the kingdom in the sky” - and for good reason. Its entire land mass lies at 1500m upwards above sea level, making it the highest country in the world. The Thabana-Ntlenyana mountain lies at 3482m, making it the highest point in Southern Africa; and the highest single drop fall, Maletsunyane, at 192m, is located to the southwest. Maletsunyane also has the distinction of being the highest abseiling cliff in the world at 204m, and home to a very impressive waterfall.

Lesotho is a monarchy - one of only three left in Africa; it is dramatic and independent, yet completely surrounded by a single country, South Africa. Its total area is 30 555 square kilometres, making it comparable in size to Belgium; and to Switzerland for its beautiful snow-capped peaks, the Maluti mountains, which are covered in snow in winter.

Tours Visiting Lesotho

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