Travelling with children

All children entering or exiting South Africa are required to travel with an unabridged birth certificate, containing particulars of both biological parents. This applies even when both parents are travelling, and to all nationalities.

While travelling

What are the guidelines for photography?
There are many wonderful scenic photographic opportunities and your crew will stop at the best sites for you. You are also welcome to request

Weather considerations

How will the weather be?
Weather varies widely between Southern and East Africa, and it’s worth researching the countries you intend to visit. Winter in Southern Africa is from June


What should I bring?
One soft duffle-type bag, weighing no more than 12kg, is the best luggage to have for overlanding. Hard case luggage takes up more than the space

Out of trip travelling

How can I hire a car? A good search engine to use is
Where can I book a flight? A good place to book flights is
When should I arrive

Health & safety

What are the health considerations?
You need to be in good health to join an overland tour. Should you have a specific medical condition, you will need to advise us

Meals & accommodation

What’s the deal with meals?
Hearty, balanced meals are provided three times per day unless otherwise specified. These are cooked on a fire or camp stove using mostly local ingredients,

Money & budgeting

What’s the best currency to bring?
The best exchange rate is usually given for US dollars cash, irrespective of local currency. Try to bring a mix of smaller and larger

About overlanding

What is overlanding?
Adventure touring in Africa, aka overlanding, is a great way to experience the best of the continent within a set time frame and budget, in the safety and